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Discover New Albany: Mississippi’s Coolest Small Town

Discover New Albany, MS, which has beautiful and charming homes like this one.

If you’ve been looking for your next dream home in the Northeastern Mississippi area but don’t know where to start, it’s time to discover New Albany.

As the county seat of Union County, New Albany offers everything you could ever dream of when it comes to a small town in the South. You’ll want to take time to discover every inch of this town, which has some features that might surprise you! Come enjoy a thriving downtown, plenty of green space, and so much more.

Facts You NEED to Know

Person looking to discover New Albany fast facts.

More and more people are calling New Albany home, making now the right time to invest. Here are some fast facts about this growing Mississippi town—the numbers may not be what you expect! Here’s a brief overview of New Albany by the numbers.

Population: 8,750

Median Home Value: $170,700

Unemployment Rate: 3.4% (lower than national average)

Distance to Tupelo: 28 miles, 30 minutes 

Distance to Oxford: 34 miles, 42 minutes

A Picturesque Downtown

Discover New Albany downtown shopping opportunities.

Close your eyes and think of a downtown street. If you’re imagining local shops, tree-lined streets, and neighbors coming to say hello, you’re thinking of New Albany!

New Albany has plenty of local shops and dining options for you to discover in its charming downtown area. If you’re looking for antique shops to family-owned boutiques, you’ll them in downtown New Albany. Want to check out a delicious spot to eat after shopping? We recommend The Rainey, which features upscale Southern cuisine with a Creole twist.

Tons of Green Space

Discover New Albany parks.

If you’re a nature lover, then New Albany is the place for you. New Albany is centrally located near many parks, but the highlight is most definitely Holly Springs National Forest. Visitors can relax in the serenity of nature by exploring hiking trails or viewing migratory wildlife. This park has over 155,000 acres for you to enjoy, so you’ll want to visit every chance you get!

Of course, New Albany also features plenty of local parks. A favorite amongst residents is BNA Bank Park, which is a hub for sports and other activities. Enjoy a game of baseball or just unwind on one of the walking trails!

Ready to invest in your New Albany, MS home?

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There’s plenty more to discover about New Albany, MS. Here, you’ll find gorgeous homes, a thriving job market, and so much more. Let us be your resource for all things New Albany; we have all the info you need on our area page!

Ready to buy or sell a home in the New Albany, MS area? Let the Jed Morris Team help! We’ve got all the things you need to begin your real estate journey. Have questions? Drop us a line—we’d love to point you in the right direction!

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